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           "A holiday hit that pleases adults & children alike"

     The Berkeley Daily Planet  

"Award-winning showman Ron Lytle has done it again! The Man Who Saved Christmas is a cinch to become a holiday classic. Styles of the musical numbers accurately and chramingly echo the World War I era in which the show is set. Appropriately toe-tapping melodies are tunefully simple and hummable, and lyrics are catchy and rhymed. The three-act show is structurally perfect with all of the requistite plot elements, and all of them occurring at just the right times."



"We must have been very good this year because Ron Lytle's original holiday musical, The Man Who Saved Christmas, is an absolute gift.  With a heartwarming hint of Frank Capra and the fairy tale feel of a Rankin/Bass holiday special, (it's) the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. The show is filled with great songs. Beautiful ballads like "No More Love Songs" and "Daddy Has To Leave You" are punctuated by big production numbers like "I Think, I Think," all of which stay with you long after the curtain call."



"A charming new musical…brightened by 16 hummable songs.  The kind of show that many community theaters around the country will choose as their annual Christmas production."



"The return of Ron Lytle's delightful musical The Man Who Saved Christmas is a real gift. The perfect way to kick off the holiday season, the musical is uplifting, deeply moving and hilariously funny.  Full of wonderful music."



“The Man Who Saved Christmas” is a great holiday story, a romantic comedy and toe tapping musical. Make plans to attend and bring the whole family.



"Among the Nutcrackers and Christmas Carols, another holiday show has sprouted up. Ron Lytle's The Man Who Saved Christmas (is) a brisk 2 1/2 hours of song and dance, romance and general light-hearted good spirits. A holiday hit that pleases adults and children alike."



"Lytle's Christmas play has it all...told with songs that are beautiful and/or humable. The Man Who Saved Christmas is altogether a lovely play that leaves its audience in a happy, Christmas-spirited mood."



"Critics Choice!"



"A fresh alternative to the invasion of Scrooges and Santas that take over every Christmas.  Dancing factory workers, singing soldiers, chorus lines of happy kids and, of course, those know-it-all politicians make Mr. Gilbert's story sing."



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